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Our VIP services offer maximum discretion and limitless possibilities.

We offer our services to the Corporate & VIP sector, providing an exceptionally high standard of service and ensuring that each request is carried out with diligence and meticulous attention to detail.

There's no end to what we can offer our clients. As we develop long-lasting professional relationships with them, we come to understand them incredibly well, recognising their unique priorities, needs and preferences and making it possible for us to provide them with truly exceptional tailor-made experiences.


Event Management

Our event management service is a triple treat - cost effective, high quality, and incredibly creative. Building on your specifications, our expert team can partially or entirely organise a fully-bespoke event, providing great ideas, lending you the benefit of their experience, and, if needed, supporting you throughout the entire day — whatever it takes to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Event Diary Management

This is the perfect service for corporations and individuals alike. Making great use of our contacts and expertise, we can manage your event diary, drawing from the information you provide about your ideas and desires (including your bucket list!) to build you a superb customised schedule. You can then concentrate on your hectic everyday life knowing that tickets, itineraries and hospitality arrangements have been fully secured and organised on your behalf.

Special Travel Arrangements

This is an area of expertise that has long been at the forefront of our business, and we happen to know everything there is to know about meeting travel requirements for individuals or delegations. It's not just a case of getting you from A to B in a timely manner — with luxury cars, yachts, helicopters, and even private jets within our reach, we'll make sure you travel in a style befitting your unique needs and preferences.

VIP & Delegation Management

Our ability to understand the needs and requirements of VIPs and delegations is the key to our success, and is reflected in our fantastic track record. Years of experience have taught us that finding a way to anticipate change and get ahead of the game is a surefire path to success.

You may want to handle the particulars yourself, but simply lack the time or energy. That's where we can step in, using our expertise in delegation management to look after your clients' needs and make sure they leave feeling impressed with your service and hospitality. This frees you up to relax, take your time, and concentrate on the core of what you're trying to achieve.


Accompanying Services

Many high-net-worth individuals are constantly travelling the globe, attending meetings and seminars or attracting new business, and this can be a very lonely lifestyle. Not everyone can have a PA with them to lighten the workload and, even if you can, the services a PA can offer barely scratch the surface of our hospitality capabilities.

Wherever you go, no matter how busy the destination, we can use our knowledge and ability to remove all unnecessary factors and focus on the essential aspects that can turn a potentially frustrating stay into a wonderful experience. We are also available to accompany family members and loved ones on their journeys, looking after them in a professional, secure and caring manner and giving you peace of mind.

Concierge Services

These services are completely personal, with no call centres or automated answer machines. You will be assigned your own personal concierge who will be available at your discretion to help you get the most out of every aspect of your life.

Family Management

This service typically proves invaluable. Whether you're making a permanent move or simply accommodating a temporary posting abroad, moving your family away from familiar surroundings can be incredibly daunting. Housing arrangements, language barriers, school attendance, basic socialising needs — it's a lot to deal with. We can help out in countless ways, making the transition as comfortable as possible and providing you with the reassurance that your loved ones are only ever one call away from a friendly and familiar voice who can address their concerns and find them solutions.

We also offer numerous home services, arranging drivers, cleaning, domestic staff, nannies, pet carers, building suppliers and decorators. Additionally, we have a strong relationship with a relocation company that can provide a full and stress-free relocation service, making the move enormously easier for you and your family.


We can act as consultants on an ad-hoc basis or through fixed-term agreements. Depending on your exact requirements, we can provide solely our management team, or bring our entire staff to bear for an all-hands-to-the-pump approach.

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